Welcome to Joie de Vivre Photography! I'm Stefanie, photographer extra-ordinaire, and mastermind behind the scenes. Take a minute, take an hour, and look around the blog! If you want to view my full portfolio, please visit This is where I like to post pretty photos of recent photoshoots, ideas, helpful hints, occasional features, and all kinds of other randomness!



"I didn't choose photography. Photography chose me." - Gerardo Suter

    I am first and foremost a wife and a mother. Anybody who knows me- knows that they are my whole life!
I have four amazing and exhausting children. Three adorable little boys- Caden and Rylan, identical twins who are 6! And Ethan, my 5 yr old little spunky man! We also just added our first baby girl, Kinzlee, who will be 2 next  April.
    It is because of them, that I became a photographer. Being so busy all the time with four children under five- has made me acutely aware of the fact that there is only so much time... these precious moments pass so quickly! I wanted to make sure I would never forget each face, each look, and each and every smile! My camera is the way I am able to do so.
     I want to share my passion with all that I can, turning those fleeting moments, into beautiful images and fine art that will last the rest of a lifetime.