Welcome to Joie de Vivre Photography! I'm Stefanie, photographer extra-ordinaire, and mastermind behind the scenes. Take a minute, take an hour, and look around the blog! If you want to view my full portfolio, please visit This is where I like to post pretty photos of recent photoshoots, ideas, helpful hints, occasional features, and all kinds of other randomness!



Hi! I'm Stefanie, owner and photog extra-ordinaire of Joie de Vivre Photography! Welcome to my photography blog, a place where I can showcase my recent work, and you can see what I've been up to lately! To see my official portfolio, and view more details about Joie de Vivre Photography, please go to my website HERE.

"The secret to having it all, is knowing you already do."
My favorite quote of all time. I absolutely think that i might possibly be the luckiest. girl. ever. i truly believe that.

Not only because i am the stay at home momma to 4 amazingly beautiful children (3 boys! 9, 9 and 8, and one sweethearted little angel girl, 4), but I am also a wife to my childhood best friend, married1 years, who is just as perfect as the day I said "yes", and who somehow still tries to impress me every day.

As if that's not enough, AND I have the coolest 'job' in the world! I love to photograph. I mean, I really REALLY love to photograph. I love to capture love at its most amazing, whether its between a couple married 50 years or 5 minutes, an innocent and angelic newborn, a crazy toddler, a high school senior, and everything in between.

For me, photography is a way of documenting a true and authentic life. While I love beautifully styled hair, spotless faces and manicured nails, that isn't what i WANT to remember MOST about my life. It's more about the moments, the emotion, the struggle and the JOY that is life! And trust me, with four small children, a successful and uber-busy business, my life is definitely all of the above! I am absolutely sure you understand exactly how I feel.

While there is a time for the posed and the perfect, while in front of MY lens, there is also a time for play. for laughter, for sillies. and THAT is the best way for me to capture your life as you know it to be. The life that YOU want most to remember.

'Joie De Vivre' is literally translated as 'The Joy of Life". I try and consider it my personal adage. As a young wife and a young mother, I try to see joy in the everyday minutiae of life.

There is Joy in every moment, every smile, every kiss, every trip down the slide, even in every baby's whimper. As I tote my camera around, it becomes an extension of my arm, adds to my cherished memories and my joy in life!

I have been a professional photographer for over 4 years now, and each day I have become increasingly cognizant that not all photos need to be perfect smiles and impeccably posed sillhouettes, but are the permanent images that function as the greatest reminders of what life was REALLY like... windblown hair, wrinkly stained onesies, and lollipop goo. It is the little REAL things of this life that will mean the most to you for the remainder of your days!
So bring your heart, bring your smile, and together we will create images that you will treasure forever!