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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sneak Peek for Lesley & Chad

Had the please of shooting this gorgeous couples wedding last Friday! I shot their engagement photos a few weeks ago, you can check a few of them out  here!

   So heres a sweet sneak peek of their wedding! It was a perfectly rainy/cloudy/sunny/warm/cold day, and i wouldn't have changed a single second!  I hope to have all the images done in the next few weeks!

Teig Family, Caspers Park, San Juan Capistrano

While driving on the Ortega highway on my way to San Juan Capistrano, a few years ago, I passed this beautiful looking wildlife preserve/campground called Caspers Park. I have shot there a few times, but mostly on super sunny, open field and tall grass, kind of days and places. This last week, freezing cold and rainy, I was lucky enough to venture in a little bit further than I had in the past, with the GORGEOUS Teig family.
   Jason, the awesome dad of the clan, is recovering from an atv accident and is on crutches, but was such a good sport! They even trusted me when i literally pulled over to the side of the road, and said that we were going to shoot in the middle of the street. (the first few images below are my FAVE of the session- those overhanging trees and peeking through sunlight is absolutely gorgeous.
   Then there was the windmill in the back, a cool water tower, and some gorgeous woods for the siblings shots. Hope you love them as much as I did!!

Joie de Vivre!