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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

holiday scheduling and available dates! **UPDATED 10/15


i can't believe its almost here already! school is going back in session, wedding season is beginning to wind down, and its FALL! which basically means its time to get my bootie in gear and get started on FAMILY PICTURE TIME! my favorite time of the year!

    Every year, my schedule gets totally and insanely crazy, going from my average 3-5 shoots a week, to around 20! And between the 9 different ways of contacting me (FB, website, email, voicemail, text), plus the typical back and forth as we figure out what works- i tried to come up with a new solution! I will post my weekend availability on this blogpost. if you are interested in a weekday slot, let me know the dates, and i will check my calendar- those are always almost open- its the weekends that get crazy!
     If you need a weekend slot, check below! if you are the first to book either a morning or an afternoon slot- you get to choose where i will go! once chosen, that is where i will stay (mornings are usually 7am-noon, evenings are 2-7pm). Message me with the time and date that works best for you, and i will fill in slots in the order i get requests for them! provided that there are slots booked back to back, during the holidays, there are NO travel fees on weekend slots! If you book a weekday slot, travel fees do apply, unless we also find someone to piggy back with.
    NOTE: please mention whether you are interested in a mini shoot or a full hour shoot, so i can schedule accordingly. Also, be sure that i respond back to you with  the confirmation that you are confirmed for the spot, before you count on it! check back later to make sure its on the blog- as i will update whenever i am able to. just because you request a slot, does not necessarily mean that it is yours!
    i have weddings on every saturday in october, so i am already pretty jammed on the weekend! if you are the early sort- get your pics done in september!

    i am SO SO looking forward to seeing all your lovely families again! contact me if you have any questions!!

sat oct 25th
MORNING- temecula tbd
     8-820am- autumn hererra mini
     820-840am-lindsey craig mini
     9-920- MINI AVAILABLE
     920-940- ashley green family mini
AFTERNOON- booked- wedding

Sat nov 1
MORNING- oceanside
    750-810- lisa gomez mini- hosp grove
    830-850- alisia faumuina-home, oside
    910-1010- lori heisler- oceanside pier
    1010-1030- tasha borders family mini- oside pier

AFTERNOON- booked- wedding

Sat nov 8th
   MORNING-  san clemente
   830-930- Susan Lemond
   930-1030am- nikki mcintosh
   1030-1050- MINI AVAILABLE
  1050-1110- patty signorile
   1110-1130- priscilla brierley mini
   1130-1230- cassondra teig fam
  AFTERNOON- temecula winery
    140-240- carrie scow family
    240-340- megan bijan Fam
    340-4pm- eileen cabebe mini
    4-5pm- rucker family

Sat nov 15th
   MORNING- la jolla scripps pier
     740- 840am- AVAILABLE
     840-900- kaci orosco mini
      9-920- kim kelley mini
     920-940- kristen mikus mini
     940-1000- lauren sherman mini
     10-11am- laura lavoie family
     1100-1120- macie kreutzer mini
   AFTERNOON- carlsbad beach
     120-220- courtney slater
     220-240- cheryl baker fam mini
     240-340pm- kristen cardillo fam
     340-400pm- amanda goodrich mini
     400-420- lisa bosse mini
     420-440- kathy feast mini

Sat nov 22
  MORNING- old poway park
      8-9am- AVAILABLE
     9-10am- nichole harris fam
     10-1020am,- tracy austin mini
      1020-1120- lesley banda family
      1120-1140- kate troxell fam mini
     1140-1240- adriana hobson fam
     1240-140- stacy dietrich

  AFTERNOON- old town temecula
     240-300- stacy palchanis mini
     300--400- erika putman fam
     400-420- holly loredo fam mini
     420-440- julieann perez family mini

Sat nov 29
  MORNING-old town temecula
      800-900am- AVAILABLE
      900-920- amanda harriff mini
   920-940- gaby arroyo mini
    940-1000- alexis ravin fam mini
    1000-1100- AVAILABLE
  AFTERNOON- jeffery open space trail, irvine ca
      145-245- AVAILABLE
      245-345- sherry huss family
     345-445- AVAILABLE

As my schedule fills up, i might possibly add in local shoots (Temecula) on sunday afternoons. i might also add in the first week or two of December for any latecomers- i tend to get things done on the holidays very quickly so people have time for Christmas/Holiday cards, so its almost never too late!! let the craziness begin! :)

joie de vivre!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jona & Holly Wedding post La Jolla Wedding Photography

 Jona and Holly are probably two of the sweetest people ive ever met. During my morning with Holly, as she is getting all dolled up, chaos around her *DUH- its the morning of the wedding so of course there are lots of comings and goings, etc!)- she keeps apologizing to ME, of all people! She was constantly thinking about others, and making sure that everyone else was ok. When asked her opinion on photography locations, her makeup and hari- she just smiled and said, "whatever you think will be pretty!" simple. as. that. They are both the easy going, happy types- that are my FAVE to work with!
    luckily- they are both pretty darn attractive- so i think i *nailed the 'just make it pretty' request!! We met at the San Diego LDS Temple for some bridal shots, did a quick change, as they headed in to get married (no cameras inside the temple, so I just get to catch the GRAND exit as husband and wife!). Then the formal family and bridal party shots- and a super laid back, low key reception at a restaraunt in La Jolla, just around the corner.
   We headed out right before sunset to get just a few more shots of the bride and groom at the beach- who were so LUCKY to get this AMAZING sunset. certainly made my job easy!!
    You two are so great- thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

   To my blog stalkers- enjoy the gorgeous pics- and PHENOMENAL sunset!!

 couldnt decide if i liked black and white or color! which do YOU like??

joie de vivre!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scott and Marissa Wedding - full blog post! Fallbrook Wedding photography

 FINALLY! a full blog post! a week or so ago, i was lucky enough to be able to photograph the wedding of Scott and Marissa. Scott is a co-worker of my husbands (who also got to second shoot for me- which was awesome! ill be sure to point out which pics are his-bc a few of his turned out AWESOME!!).
   They got married at the Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook- which is gorgeous. delicious food, awesome staff, and gorgeous spots for portraits! Her dress was amazing, fabulous hair- the bride even did her own makeup (complete with her 2 year old on her lap- which is quite a feat!

I have no idea why these photos are turning out sepia on my blog- they are true black and whites. i despise sepia! so it kind of ruins the effect- but try to imagine for me! (hopefully i can figure out why my blog hates me today)

 these two shots below were taken by my husband! i actually love them even more than the angle that i took them from!

 arent these stairs amazeballs??? most gorgeous light there in the afternoon streaming through!
 headed to the golf course for a few quick shots (the bride and groom chose not to do a first look, so we had ALL the formal family shots, bridal party, and bridal shots in about 40 minutes- so when i say quick- i meant QUICK! luckily, im really bossy (in a super fun/not annoying way, of course), and they were all great listeners!!

    dont you LOVE how hot all the guys are in their jeans and cowboy boots?! Scott asked for only two things regarding the wedding. 1) that he got to wear jeans, and 2) that he got to wear cowboy boots. what a fabulous *wife* he has to say yes to both!! :)
 once again- with the sepia! arg!!

 Chris took the one on the right also!

this shot was the one shot that Marissa really wanted- she found a similar one on pinterest and showed me- and i thought it was so so sweet! we took a min during reception downtime to do it! even when married, your maid of honor and your best man are still your BFF's!

 a lot of the black and whites have some film grain added to them. Their wedding was so classic and vintage classy, it just felt right. I am loving my new Film presets that i recently added to my collection! a majority of their shots were edited with them!

i couple more from the reception- there were so many great shots of people dancing, i couldnt choose!

(notice the cutie patootie little boy on the left- scott and marissas adorable son!

i hope you had a fabulous day scott and marissa! thank you for letting me be a part of it!!

joie de vivre!

Heidi & nate engagement sneak peek! Orange County Engagement Photography

i had such a fun time with these two last weekend! we met at the historic district in San Juan Capistrano for some fun, and sweet engagement photos. They are wonderful- but a bit of an aesthetic challenge- seeing that she is barely five feet tall and he is 6'2!
 but i loved being able to capture some sweet lovin, and cant wait for their wedding in a couple of months!

joie de vivre!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Swager family sneak peek Crystal Cove Photography

This photoshoot was such an adventure!! Thank goodness for families who are game for surprises! This gorgeous family is on a short vaca from northern Ca, staying at the AMAZING Pelican Hill Resort in Crystal Cove.  We ventured right outside their bungalow to this great path and took literally TWO shots. We started to wander and find our next spot when security came and TOLD us that we had to LEAVE! Even though they were guests paying the big bucks to stay there, we were not permitted to take and professional photography. Im a pretty calm person, but I wanted to throw something at him. ARGH!

So we went back into their room, and took a few photos on their porch, inside their room next to these great big doors. But pretty soon, we ran out of options, and decided to head to the beach!

  Luckily, Crystal cove was pretty close, so after some shoeless walking, and a couple of wrong turns, we finally made it down to the sand, and spent a few more minutes trying to squeeze some great shots out of some tired kiddos who were ready to PLAY!!
      Thanks for much for being such a great sport, Melanie and Kevin! Hopefully we got some shots that were worth all that effort!! This is just a sneak, ill have the rest of them done in a week or two!!

joie de vivre!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Vintage wedding sneak peek.... Temecula Wedding Photographer

I was lucky enough to shoot this GORGEOUS vintage wintery wedding a couple of weeks ago, but left for vacation the very next day- and i didnt get a chance to post her sneak peek! (sad face). I just returned yesterday, and as soon as i could, I sat down to do a little sneak peek of her beautiful day!

Enjoy Shannon! Sorry it took me a week or so! I cant wait to get started on the editing of this fabulous couple. Her wedding was completely vintage themed, so i added a different sort of 'vintage film' look to these images... what do y'all think?

joie de vivre!