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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A day in the life of the T-family Temecula Family Photographer

Can I just start with this? The T-Family is LITERALLY THE COOLEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD.

      You get the title of the coolest family in the world, when you meet ALL of the following criteria.
             A: Everyone hangs out on the floor. All the time. Which usually includes wrestling or someone sitting on your head.
             B: Dad wears a fanny pack. On the regular.
             C: Dad and oldest son JAM OUT improv-style on the drums and the saxophone. Just because they can.
             D: There is a playhouse filled with a ball pit in the middle of the family room.
             E: They drive a 6 seater golf cart to church on Sundays. Because its close, and they roll like that.
             F: They didn't want to do 'posey' family pictures- because its not 'them'. Rather, spending a few hours acting silly and being together, are the only things they want on their walls at home.
             G: When it was time for pics of just mom and dad- they did a costume change- INTO ONESIE PAJAMAS. (hey, go big or go home, right?) Then proceeded to wrestle on the bed. Knowing that someone was photographing/videoing their every move for posterity. And they kissed. A LOT.

     I could literally go on forever about how much this family is awesome-sauce. Instead, ill just post a few (or a LOT) of sneak peek images. I just did their session this afternoon, and i can't wait to see EVERYTHING that I captured from this uber-cool family with hearts of gold, and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE for each other.

   BTW I also did VIDEO for this family during our session today. I can't WAIT to put together a killer epic film for them. So keep your eyes out for it!

             Joie de Vivre!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bryce & Keara, Romantic and Classy Wedding, Green Gables Estate San Marcos Ca Wedding Photographer

Lets just start with this- THIS WEDDING was PERFECTION in every possible way. Most importantly, a bride and a groom who were absolutely crazy in love with each other. Beautiful and kind, inside and out. Wonderful family and friends to celebrate the day with them.
And when you add in AMAZING vendors who do stunning work- you end up with a wedding that was emotional,  tons of fun, happy, gorgeous, classy, delicious, and positively STUNNING in every way.

Wedding gown: Purchased atThe Bustle, in Del mar.
Designed by Stella York

Photography: Stefanie Zeltner,

Hair Stylists: From Re:Vive Salon & Spa
                                Brides stylist­  Lisa Thai (619) 565­5859 
                               Bridesmaids stylist­ Taylor Ramirez and Blaire Smith (623) 707­7425

DJ: Will Chitwood from

Make up Artist: Lauren Vasquez  (619) 787­0766  

Photo Booth: Justin Manos (619) 672 ­8542 

Videography: Jeremy York, of

Joie de Vivre!