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Monday, May 29, 2017

Ryanne & Paul. . . . Palm Springs Wedding Photography

        The very first time I saw an email from Ryanne, I knew we'd get along! Anyone who uses words like 'kick-ass wedding photographer' in what she's looking for, gets my vote! The first time we talked on the phone, we spoke for almost an hour, and didn't even talk about the wedding. Ryanne and her love, Paul, have been together for over 10 years, have two beautiful children together, and in the Fall are opening their very first school together! She mentioned to me that it was finally time to tie the knot- that they wanted an amazing party with all their friends, didn't care too much about traditions and traditional shots- they just wanted a day to celebrate their love and have a blast.
    I actually already had a wedding booked that day, but I wanted to do everything in my power to make it possible for me to come and be there for them! So I asked my amazing second shooter and business partner to come and begin the shots of the day, as well as do Ryanne's hair and makeup, and cover until I could drive like a crazy person from San Diego, to Palm Springs, and make it a few minutes before their ceremony started. A little stressful, but SO worth it!
    And they did it in the coolest way possible! And when I say cool, I mean FREAKING HOT. They rented a mega mansion in Palm springs for a week, invited all their friends and family to stay, and spent their days swimming, eating and enjoying each others company for 5 DAYS before the wedding! The day of the wedding was 106 degrees! Their ceremony had no chairs- they gathered lakeside, and 100 of their closest family and friends circled them in love, literally and figuratively, as Ryanne and Paul held hands, exchanged rings, and made their vows as a family.
    After the delicious vegetarian dinner, heartfelt toasts, and a daddy-daughter dance- the party was officially started! Many of the guests changed into their swimsuits and hit up the ginormous pool (did I forget to mention that it was 106 degrees that day???), danced their hearts out. The evening ended with the bride and groom jumping into the pool! After they cooled off, the bride put her swimsuit back on and kept on dancing the night away.
   This wedding TRULY was one to remember! Congratulations Paul & Ryanne! Ashleigh and I both absolutely fell in love with you, your family, your vision, and feel like we made a lifelong connection with you both.
   I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them! Also, one amazing shout out to my second shooter and business partner Ashleigh Long, who is the only person in the world I would trust completely to cover a wedding and do it with the same style and emotion that I could, had I been there! Even now, it is hard to distinguish her images from mine- we sure make a great team!

Joie de Vivre!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Danielle, Temecula Senior Photography, Murrieta Senior Photography

Sweet Miss Danielle, in addition to being a gorgeous girl, is  soon to graduate from Murrieta Mesa High School in June, and headed to Cal State Fullerton, where she wants to study Psychology, and be a child and family counselor! She plays soccer and is in the student council as well- what a beautiful girl inside and out!
     She had two different outfits for her session- and was styled perfectly! A two piece boho chic maxi skirt and cropped floral top- which contraster perfectly with the golden grass and weeds of the meadow we shot in! Her second outfit was a loose flowy white top with cropped jean shorts and tan booties. She even remembered to bring adorable gold bracelet bangles to accessorize!
     I swear, I don't know if its possible for this girl to take a bad photo- she was a dream to photograph! I know she is headed for some amazing things in her future!

If you happen to know of any graduating seniors that need some gorgeous pictures like these, be sure to pass them along to me!!
   Joie de Vivre!!

Monday, March 27, 2017

B Family

All family photoshoots are an adventure- and when you have 7 month old TWINS and a TWO year old- its an adventure and a half!! But I am loving the light and bright, spring green images We got from this adorable family.
   I also got to try out a new location- Marion Bear Park, in San Diego. It was GORGEOUS!  Why can't it rain like this every spring??? Enjoy these favorite few images from their session this last weekend!

Joie de Vivre!! 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hazel + William, engagement in the almond fields TEMECULA ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHER

Hello everyone! Long time no see! My apologies for that! I have recently been spending a lot more time in instagram and on my Facebook page. If you happen to want to follow either one of those, here are some links for you!

  SO... WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO?? This latest 2016 Holiday season was a DOOZY. Over 150 portrait sessions, and 5 weddings just in the last three months of the year alone. WHEW! I tried to hibernate once January started, but that hasn't worked out well either- i just can't seem to shake all you amazing clients!
    I did give my website a facelift, with some new colors and branding, as well as all new portfolio images- so if you have a few minutes and want to check it out- click HERE!

    Just this last week, I had a REALLY special session, I wanted to share on here. One of my lovely 2017 brides, Hazel, contacted me about going to a very special location for her engagement shoot. As soon as she told me, I immediately agreed! We went to the Almond Groves in Bakersfield, Ca. We had a very specific window in which to shoot, and we timed it perfectly, so we could get all the amazing white blossoms on the trees.

   William & Hazel are a beautiful couple, who have been together since they were only 16! They are the sweetest. Here are a few (or a LOT!) of my favorite shots from their day! Also, at the bottom, ill post the instagram link to a little ENGAGEMENT VIDEO I made!

And if you made it all the way to the end of this- YAY! Good for you! I hope you love these images as much as I do!
   Here is the link to their short little engagement film!


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