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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A day in the life of the T-family Temecula Family Photographer

Can I just start with this? The T-Family is LITERALLY THE COOLEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD.

      You get the title of the coolest family in the world, when you meet ALL of the following criteria.
             A: Everyone hangs out on the floor. All the time. Which usually includes wrestling or someone sitting on your head.
             B: Dad wears a fanny pack. On the regular.
             C: Dad and oldest son JAM OUT improv-style on the drums and the saxophone. Just because they can.
             D: There is a playhouse filled with a ball pit in the middle of the family room.
             E: They drive a 6 seater golf cart to church on Sundays. Because its close, and they roll like that.
             F: They didn't want to do 'posey' family pictures- because its not 'them'. Rather, spending a few hours acting silly and being together, are the only things they want on their walls at home.
             G: When it was time for pics of just mom and dad- they did a costume change- INTO ONESIE PAJAMAS. (hey, go big or go home, right?) Then proceeded to wrestle on the bed. Knowing that someone was photographing/videoing their every move for posterity. And they kissed. A LOT.

     I could literally go on forever about how much this family is awesome-sauce. Instead, ill just post a few (or a LOT) of sneak peek images. I just did their session this afternoon, and i can't wait to see EVERYTHING that I captured from this uber-cool family with hearts of gold, and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE for each other.

   BTW I also did VIDEO for this family during our session today. I can't WAIT to put together a killer epic film for them. So keep your eyes out for it!

             Joie de Vivre!

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  1. Love this family too! I've known "A" since we were about five years old. T family rocks!