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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Heather, Spencer, and Baby Libby: a birth story Temecula Birth Photographer

You should recognize Heather, and Spencer,  in the last two years, I have taken their engagements (engagements HERE), family pictures, their WEDDING (sneak peek HERE), and their maternity photos (click here!)

     Next up- their BIRTH photos!! Heather was terrified that she would go into labor while i was on vacation, or while i was shooting a wedding, and after a few close calls (and lots of time on hold, ready to run out the door!), she was finally scheduled for an induction yesterday, monday June 27th. I arrived around 10am, after her water broke at 7am. Within a few hours, we knew it was going to be a long day!
   Heather was an absolute trooper, and very rarely did she not have a smile on her face. Luckily, i know (and LOVE) her family very well, so the waiting game was full of laughs and great conversation. Heather was desperate for a VBAC, and did her absolute best to do all she could to have a natural delivery. After a few tense and scary moments, a few Decel's and a fever, she was finally ready to start pushing around 10pm that night.

    Baby Libby entered the world with some great healthy cries, but the moment they placed her on her mommy's chest, skin to skin, she IMMEDIATELY soothed and laid so peacefully and calmly there, alert and awake. She didn't make a peep for an hour!! She is an absolute sweetheart.

   I told her to get used to me and my camera, as she and I would be spending a lot of time together in the future! Enjoy a glimpse of these images and baby Libby's original Birth Day.

 so much love between these two, it was so tender to watch.

 the tense moments....
 Heather has such an amazing family. I LOVE the shot below on the left, her husband on her right, her daddy on her left, both taking such loving care of their girl.  Then her momma on the right whispering words of comfort and strength to her daughter.

 look at that gorgeous skin!!!

 this one might be my favorite of the whole day!! content baby and her mama...

 This new daddy was OVER THE MOON for this tiny girl...
 open eyes for mimi!!
 Surrounded in complete love...

Congratulations Kindt Family!! I am so happy to have been a part of it. Now i need a nap!!

  Joie de vivre!

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  1. Congratulations Heather and Spencer and Janie! Libby is perfect in every way - your family has been blessed!