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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hazel + William, engagement in the almond fields TEMECULA ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHER

Hello everyone! Long time no see! My apologies for that! I have recently been spending a lot more time in instagram and on my Facebook page. If you happen to want to follow either one of those, here are some links for you!

  SO... WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO?? This latest 2016 Holiday season was a DOOZY. Over 150 portrait sessions, and 5 weddings just in the last three months of the year alone. WHEW! I tried to hibernate once January started, but that hasn't worked out well either- i just can't seem to shake all you amazing clients!
    I did give my website a facelift, with some new colors and branding, as well as all new portfolio images- so if you have a few minutes and want to check it out- click HERE!

    Just this last week, I had a REALLY special session, I wanted to share on here. One of my lovely 2017 brides, Hazel, contacted me about going to a very special location for her engagement shoot. As soon as she told me, I immediately agreed! We went to the Almond Groves in Bakersfield, Ca. We had a very specific window in which to shoot, and we timed it perfectly, so we could get all the amazing white blossoms on the trees.

   William & Hazel are a beautiful couple, who have been together since they were only 16! They are the sweetest. Here are a few (or a LOT!) of my favorite shots from their day! Also, at the bottom, ill post the instagram link to a little ENGAGEMENT VIDEO I made!

And if you made it all the way to the end of this- YAY! Good for you! I hope you love these images as much as I do!
   Here is the link to their short little engagement film!


Joie De Vivre!!

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