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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Swager family sneak peek Crystal Cove Photography

This photoshoot was such an adventure!! Thank goodness for families who are game for surprises! This gorgeous family is on a short vaca from northern Ca, staying at the AMAZING Pelican Hill Resort in Crystal Cove.  We ventured right outside their bungalow to this great path and took literally TWO shots. We started to wander and find our next spot when security came and TOLD us that we had to LEAVE! Even though they were guests paying the big bucks to stay there, we were not permitted to take and professional photography. Im a pretty calm person, but I wanted to throw something at him. ARGH!

So we went back into their room, and took a few photos on their porch, inside their room next to these great big doors. But pretty soon, we ran out of options, and decided to head to the beach!

  Luckily, Crystal cove was pretty close, so after some shoeless walking, and a couple of wrong turns, we finally made it down to the sand, and spent a few more minutes trying to squeeze some great shots out of some tired kiddos who were ready to PLAY!!
      Thanks for much for being such a great sport, Melanie and Kevin! Hopefully we got some shots that were worth all that effort!! This is just a sneak, ill have the rest of them done in a week or two!!

joie de vivre!

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