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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jona & Holly Wedding post La Jolla Wedding Photography

 Jona and Holly are probably two of the sweetest people ive ever met. During my morning with Holly, as she is getting all dolled up, chaos around her *DUH- its the morning of the wedding so of course there are lots of comings and goings, etc!)- she keeps apologizing to ME, of all people! She was constantly thinking about others, and making sure that everyone else was ok. When asked her opinion on photography locations, her makeup and hari- she just smiled and said, "whatever you think will be pretty!" simple. as. that. They are both the easy going, happy types- that are my FAVE to work with!
    luckily- they are both pretty darn attractive- so i think i *nailed the 'just make it pretty' request!! We met at the San Diego LDS Temple for some bridal shots, did a quick change, as they headed in to get married (no cameras inside the temple, so I just get to catch the GRAND exit as husband and wife!). Then the formal family and bridal party shots- and a super laid back, low key reception at a restaraunt in La Jolla, just around the corner.
   We headed out right before sunset to get just a few more shots of the bride and groom at the beach- who were so LUCKY to get this AMAZING sunset. certainly made my job easy!!
    You two are so great- thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

   To my blog stalkers- enjoy the gorgeous pics- and PHENOMENAL sunset!!

 couldnt decide if i liked black and white or color! which do YOU like??

joie de vivre!

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